Boost your CV and achieve great things

If you’re good with people and have experience of organising events, you could be the next Chairperson of the Lantern Parade Club. The group is responsible for organising the amazing “Catch the Light” Lantern Parade, which takes place on Saturday 13th October 2018.

The deadline for nominations is Tuesday 5th June. Read on for more info. Contact us to apply.

Chairperson wanted

This voluntary role is particularly suitable for someone looking to enhance their leadership and organisational skills. It is open to anyone living in Weston-super-Mare and lots of support is provided.

The Chairperson’s job is to coordinate planning meetings once a month, keeping them to order and ensuring they are productive. They need to be able to help other volunteers to work effectively as a team and inspire them to do their best. The ideal person will be reliable, enthusiastic and possess excellent communication skills.

Members of the Lantern Parade Club will be voting for their new Chairperson at the meeting at 4pm on 7th June.

If you’re interested in the role but can’t attend, you can still apply. Click here to request more information or text / call Kate on 07813 526342.

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