Friends of Our Neighbourhood Get Together

24 invited guests came along to the cafe at the For All Healthy Living Centre on Saturday 7th January to meet up with other local people and find out all about the Our Neighbourhood project.

We had a couple of hours of fun and games before lunch, using balls of wool to explore the idea that we all share something in common with the people around us, and the links between people are the foundations of a strong community.

We also spent time chatting to each other about the things that we have to offer, whether it’s knowledge, skills or something that is close to our hearts. In just 20 minutes we uncovered an amazing array of gifts and (in the lingo of Asset Based Community Development) “strengths”, just among the people in the room. It was quite inspiring to pause and imagine the wealth of resources that must exist in the wider neighbourhood.

The event saw the launch of the Healthy Selfie Toolkit, which is a fun way to get us all thinking about keeping ourselves well, using the resources within and around us.

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